Ok, so why has Our Aesthetic skin clinic chosen Alumier M.D. skin science?

Well it’s simple…. They are:

  • A leading cosmeceutical brand
  • Use ‘Clean Science”
  • Medical grade
  • Results driven
  • Advanced scientific technology
  • Invested Education for both Clinic & Client

Next Time on our Aesthetic skin clinic blog spot……..

We’re going to explain what all this means!!! How the range differ’s from over the counter skin care products, and just what to look out for when choosing a brand for your skin.

We have some mind blowing information on the latest scientific studies on things like sunscreens, parabens, retinols and much more….

In the mean time, If you have any questions you would like us to answer, contact us on hello@naturalbeautyglasgow.co.uk

See you all soon xx